Music & Medicine

SHADD is committed to advancing Assistive technology for children and young adults who are autistic, deaf/hard of hearing, blind/hard of seeing, have neurodevelopmental disabilities, neurobehavioral disorders, and various associated circumstances. Utilizing its exclusive innovative technology, SHADD affords new opportunities that will uplift spirits, ascend skill sets, bring out embedded talents, instill confidence, improve mental and physical capabilities, and introduce a whole new world of social interaction for children and young adults worldwide.

Music and Medicine Article (pdf link)

Warren Shadd and I wrote a manuscript detailing the technical changes that augment the use of the SHADD piano to assist individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities including those on the autistic spectrum, deaf/hard of hearing, and blind/hard of seeing.

The SHADD interactive piano is an acoustic hybrid with modern tools to help musicians compose, edit or teach. It features computer technologies such as touchscreens, an alphanumeric keyboard and scanner; four telescopic video cameras; self-teaching and music page-turning software; and high-end surround sound speakers. Also, the "Carresser" bench is equipped with realistic surround sound speakers and a powerful bass subwoofer to increase the vibrations, which is useful to those with hearing disabilities.

It offers special features to assist persons with vision loss, (who can read music by Braille), hearing loss (including special vibratory seating to feel the vibrations of the music's frequencies), autism, (including distance teaching where the teacher can be anywhere ... for those with less comfort with a physically proximate teacher, or ... special educators in regions remote to them), and patients with Alzheimer's (people who've lost their verbal skills but can still express their musical language with SHADD's technology).

Dr. Phillip Pearl
Chief of Neurology at Children's National Medical Center, jazz & classical pianist

Mr. Shadd's prototype model has proven to be ground breaking and extremely bold. Not only does one particular group of people will appreciate this type of invention but people of disabilities that enjoy music can participate interactively in composing sheet music. With a wide screen touch interface rivaling the traditional stand, a scanner to upload rare sheet music into an installed computer motherboard to a sound module for optional sounds that transfer to the keys and subwoofers installed under the seat to feel out the rhythms, Shadd Pianos has created a revolutionary hybrid brand that would have made Beethoven proud. - Prinz-D

First Deaf Rapper

It was an epic moment to be apart of history on testing out the Shadd Piano as a deaf pop recording artist. I was inspired and honored to meet the inventor who created such a phenomenal instrument that is so advance it "Blow my mind". It had the complete package of vibration, sound, visual effect and many more that would not only be great for deaf musicians but for anyone. Thanks! - Sho'Roc

Keith Sho'Roc Brown
Deaf Rapper

Dear Warren,

First of all, let me say how high tech your SHADD piano really is. When I played it, it felt as if I were part of the music. When I heard the surround sound on this instrument, I felt the music inside me as well as outside. It is fascinating to have speakers on the bench, thus you can monitor your own playing.

Second of all, This special piano has the capability of sounding like an entire symphony orchestra. With its computer technology, you can produce the whole Rachmaninoff 2nd Piano Concerto at your fingertips.

And finally, what luxury to take piano lessons, to jam or to arrange music with other musicians in far away places for example pianists who seek coaching from their teachers or who just want to get their music heard to seek opinions, for audition or to showcase a repertoire may benefit from this instrument. Thank you very much. Carlos Ibay

Carlos Ibay
Blind Pianist and Opera singing sensation

Dear Warren,

It was fascinating seeing, learning about, and hearing your electronically adapted piano; but the primary reason I'm writing is to reiterate how moved I was to be able to hear notes on the piano I've never heard in my life.

As you know I began playing piano as a young child, have a BA in music, have taught piano for years and worked as an accompanist most of my life. However, due to numerous ear infections as a child which resulted in high range hearing loss, I have never heard the 10 highest notes on a piano. But as you were sitting at your piano "noodling" around, I suddenly found myself nearly tears when I realized I could hear piano notes I had never heard before! This was astonishing to me and an immensely moving experience.

Thank you for taking the time to show me your "invention" but mostly, thank you for giving me an aural experience I will never forget!

Ree Rinn
Partially Deaf Veteran Pianist and Teacher