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SHADD 9'3" Concert Grand

This exquisite grand has graced the stages of numerous concert halls, TV shows, jazz festivals, and venerable religious institutions. Produced to withstand the rigors of hard-playing, the EWS Concert Grand is a very strong piano offering optimal sound, coupled with multifarious technological capabilities that create an insatiable desire to want to play more and more and more...

The outstanding touch, engaging harmonics and overtones, sustain and dynamic range, a bass capable of bestowing a stentorian roar along with amazing sensitivity ensures that each passage performed will be articulated with a veracious intention; interpreting music with the highest integrity.


SHADD 7'2" Semi-Concert Grand

As an addictive instrument, the WMS grands are manufactured with the highest quality of materials with a stringent detailed production process to ensure the ultimate in refinement and sound. Advanced designs that are painstakingly executed make these pianos true gifts for the most demanding artists.

From the first glissando's, trills, arpeggios, or jazz progressions, pianists will discover the WMS possesses extraordinary sustaining characteristics, a definite sound of attack that can instantly play subtle and delicate, and a bass that can muster a thunderous rumble.


SHADD 5'10" Baby Grand

This baby grand is small enough to comfortably fit into almost any setting, yet large enough to provide a full dynamic range of sound befitting the most experienced player. Featuring only the finest in craftsmanship, SHADD has designed a high-class baby grand, using modern technology and well-established engineering; conveying an unlimited spectrum of sound with a full sonorous bass.


SHADD 50” Upright 

With SHADD’s innovative technology that invariably boats the sound of its uprights, it is not surprising that this beautiful encased piano produces a voluminously enhanced rich sound. This sophisticated piano will be an attractive instrument in the home or a tough workhorse in schools and rehearsal halls. Notwithstanding that other branded uprights are characterized with trapped enclosed sound, the innovative technology engineered for the Luxtrous virtually evokes an unlimited outward gamut of sound from feather soft sensitive mellifluous lullaby's to arousing expressive attacks that instantly draws the pianist into a creative musical wonderland.



SHADD rents it perfectly performing pianos to numerous concerts, institutions, recitals, TV shows, special events, etc. We rent and ship our pianos worldwide. We offer tuning on delivery. Be assured to get the best piano, on time, and in a SHADD!

Pianos on Tour (leasing program)

Local piano rentals while on tour can sometimes be risky. You may not get a desirable piano. Why take that chance on your important performance? That is why SHADD offers its 'Pianos on Tour' program where a special lease touring price is given to performers that prefer to ship a SHADD with them on tour. This assures the artist to have the ultimate personalized piano for each performance that is in A1 condition. For tuning, just give us your tour dates in advance and we will book a certified piano tuner for each performance worldwide. Contact us for pricing and details.